About us

About us

We wish to offer you a safe and thorough treatment when you visit us. We have the experience, modern equipment and the expertise to give you the best treatment!

Dentist Dag Audun Andersen

Dag Audun attended the Odontological faculty in Oslo from 1995 to 2000. He has worked as an authorized dentist both publicly and privately. He has experience from Lærdal tannklinikk, Mortensrud tannlegesenter, Tannlege Knut Klette and Festningen Tannklinikk og Endodontisenter. Dag Audun has also worked as an instructor in the root canal department at the University of Oslo.

In 2012 he was one of the first dentists in Norway to use laser treatment. The use of laser requires extensive instruction by the ILSD (Stockholm) and the University of Achen. The laser treatment is a supplement to conventional tooth treatment and will, in the future, make available even more treatment options. All patients are offered laser treatment when the dentist believes it will provide a better result.

Dag Audun also has special expertise concerning implant treatment and successfully finished his education at Haukeland universitetssykehus in Bergen through UiB and the Norwegian dental association.

Dag Audun is also certified to use Invisalign.

Dental hygienist Anne Emilie Skavern

Anne Emilie Skavern completed her education at the University of Oslo and is highly committed to ensuring that your visit is as safe and comfortable as possible.

Anne Emilie performs routine check-ups where she examines the teeth and the oral cavity, perform x-rays and clean tartar and discolouration. Additionally she performs cleaning on patients with gum problems and periodontitis and teeth whitening.

Anne Emilie spends a great deal of time working with disease prevention and health-promotion.


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