Dental health

Dental health

Please consult with us if you are in need of helpful advice concerning quitting snus, smoking, dry mouth or bad breath. We will gladly help you with advice about oral hygiene, cleaning, diet and the correct usage of fluoride.


Caries is a dental disease where bacteria over time convert sugar to acids that break up the enamel in our teeth. The enamel becomes porous and eventually break up, forming a cavity. Regular removal of this bacterial coating and use of fluoride can stop the development of caries. Smaller and beginning cavities can be stopped through thorough cleaning and application of fluoride, while larger cavities require fillings. If the cavities grow large enough to reach the nerve ending (pulpa) in the tooth, the tooth will need root filling or extraction.


To maintain good dental health you will need to brush your teeth with toothpaste containing fluoride at least twice a day. You can also use mouth rinse containing fluoride or fluoride tablets. Dental floss, interdental brushes and toothpicks are important to remove the bacterial coating between the teeth. You should also aim to have a healthy diet with regular meals and a limited intake of foods rich in sugar.


Diseases of the gums may occur when the oral hygiene is compromised. Firstly, tartar and bacteria will cause a mild inflammation and bleeding of the gums. If this is not treated, it may develop to a serious and chronic inflammation of the gums that destroys the periodontium, possibly leading to the loss of one or more teeth. This is called periodontitis, but it is also known by the former name pyrea. Poor oral hygiene, smoking, stress, heritable factors and certain diseases and medicines can worsen the disease.

Treatment of periodontitis consists of doing a thorough job when brushing your teeth, taking special care to clean between them. Regular and professional cleaning and removal of tartar at your dentist is also of paramount importance. It is very difficult to reverse loss of the priodontium. Any treatment will try to stop any negative development.

Treatment of periodontitis qualifies for a refund from Helfo.


Caries is mainly developed by acid produced by bacteria, but certain foods and drink can also be highly acidic. Vomit and acid reflux are also major sources. This type of acid does not cause cavities, but can damage the teeth by erosion. The enamel breaks up and is flushed away by the acid. Worn-down teeth can be rebuilt with plastics and fillings. If the wear is especially great, a crown may be necessary for one or several teeth.

Treatment of erosion qualifies for a refund from Helfo.


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