The public dental health service is responsible for the treatment of children and youths up to 18 years old. 19 and 20 year olds also enjoy monetary support for the majority of the costs associated with any treatment. The adult population at large are themselves responsible to cover any costs associated with dental treatment.

However, in some cases examinations and treatments are covered by the law regarding social security. Through regular examinations and knowledge of the applicable regulations, we will advice the patient concerning any refunds they may be qualified to receive. According to the Health Personell Act the dentist or dental hygienist must document their assessements in the patient journal.

We settle directly with Helfo. We will therefore process any refunds with the patient directly. In these cases you will only have to cover the deductible.

Cases allowing for refunds

This is a list of conditions or cases which allow for refunds.

  • Rare medical conditions
  • Lip-jaw cleft palate
  • Tumors in the oral cavity, adjacent tissue and the head region
  • Infection preventative dental treatment in particular cases
  • Diseases and anomalies in the oral cavity and jaw
  • Periodontitis
  • Abnormal teeth development
  • Bite anomalies
  • Pathological loss of tooth substances due to attrition/erosion (teeth rubbing and acid damages)
  • Hyposalivation (dry mouth)
  • Allergic reactions towards tooth restoration materials
  • Tooth damage stemming from approved occupational injuries
  • Tooth damage stemming from accidents that are not occupational injuries
  • Reduced ability to care for oneself for persons suffering from long-lasting disease or reduced functionality
  • Partial or complete loss of teeth in the lower jaw

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