My vision

My vision

We live in a wealthy country with excellent access to food and health services. This, in part, contributes to the population of Norway living longer lives than what nature intended. A consequence of this is that our teeth do not necessarily last our whole lives. To keep our teeth healthy, daily cleaning, a proper diet and professional follow-ups are important. Tooth wear, cavities, tartar and gum diseases, accidents and other acute or chronic problems will afflict us all at some point in our lives. The unavoidable weathering can be discovered at an earlier stage when attending regular check-ups.

It is important to establish a good relationship with a dentist who can set long-term goals and provide valuable recommendations concerning your health. Good treatment begins with an examination where we affirm your expectations, our findings, treatment options and long-term goals for the treatment.

A new patient can expect that we will spend an extra 30 minutes during the first visit to review your self-assessed satisfaction or dissatisfaction concerning your oral health. We assess the face, mouth and teeth to uncover irregularities, damages or diseases – if any. Our findings will form the basis for what should be treated or improved upon.

All patients have different treatment needs, therefore the time spent examining and developing a treatment plan will vary. If you need more time, there may be a need for a more thorough examination of a single tooth, saliva amount and quality, jaw examinations, bite examinations and more.

The Radiology department of the University of Oslo recommend x-rays be taken during regular examinations. 2 bitewings and a panorama (OPG) is usually conducted to help paint a picture of the condition of the teeth and jaw.

Frequent examinations are important for ensuring good dental health throughout one’s life.

Both our dentist and dental nurse have a wide experience concerning examinations, and any of us may call you in for an examination. When we both take turns conducting your examinations, we get to know you as a patient even better; two pairs of eyes see better than one, after all.

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