Filling materials

Fillings materials

Oslo Tannlege AS use a wide range of different filling materials according to your needs and type of treatment.


Composite is a mix of porcelain particles and plastic. It is a tooth-coloured filling that can be applied during a single visit. Composite fillings are consequently well-suited for incisors and small or medium-sized molars.

The colour of the composite is chosen to match the patients other teeth. It is important to clean the fillings thouroughly to prevent new cavities from forming along the edges of the filling.


Porcelain is used for restoration in cases where large parts of the tooth are damaged. The dentist will make an imprint of the tooth after the drilling is completed. The imprint is then sent to a tooth technician, who will produce a new tooth. The porcelain filling is attached using a very strong plastic glue.

Temporary fillings

Temporary fillings are used when there is a need for a quick filling while awaiting further treatment. The temporary fillings are made from IRM, which is a type of cement made out of eugenol. This type of filling will also prevent toothache.


Amalgam was for a long time the most widely used filling material i Norway, and most likely still is worldwide. Amalgam is a mix of metals – mainly silver and quicksilver – and has been used in dental fillings since the late 1800s.

Amalgam has been banned for use in Norway owing to environmental concers, and many studies have been conducted to ascertain whether amalgam fillings affect people’s health negatively. However, no studies have concluded this to be the case. Exchanging amalgam fillings is therefore not necessary nor recommended unless there is evidence of allergic reactions towards amalgam or there is damage to the filling.

When removing amalgam fillings we use a dental dam to prevent ingestion of the amalagam. The dental drill is water cooled and a vacuum suction device ensures that the amalgam is filtered correctly to be disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner.

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