It is important to conduct a thorough examination of the teeth, gums and oral mucosa. This is to keep your teeth and mouth healthy for as long as possible. Its important to do this both as a routine, and if an immediate illness is present. Oral health is closely related to both physical and mental health.

At each examination, we will talk with you about your reason for coming, we should know about your general health and know what you want us to help you with. It is important to have enough time. If you have a lot that you want to tell us then please let us know on the time of making the appointment.

Radiographs helps us find cavities before they become visible to the naked eye. X-rays may also clarify whether there is inflammation of the bone and in or around the teeth. Modern x-ray is very carefully calibrated and provides les radiation exposure than does old equipment.

Physical examination is the actual lokking and feeling in the mouth. We look for changes in the mucous membranes, teeth and tongue. Whether it’s a sore jaw muscle or a swollen lymph node we try to reveal it.

The check-up is done by both the hygienist and the dentist. It can be an advantage if you alternate between us, four eyes are better than two, and if we have different assessments of the same tooth, we´ll discuss the case. The same dentist will always treat you.

After and during treatment the dentist usually examines the cavity with a surgical microscope that reveals if there is more caries left. You should definitely have a dentist who work under the microscope, working without one is just not good enough.

The survey is mandatory for new patients and before any new treatment starts.

Most times during a check-up, we also do a cleanse where tartar and superficial discoloration is removed.

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