Laser treatment

Laser treatment

Dental treatment with laser can make the treatment of your teeth more effective, less uncomfortable and is gentler on your teeth.

What can we use the laser for?

  • Removal of cavities
  • Whitening of teeth and removal of imperfections in the gums
  • Treatment of gums
  • Root canals
  • Removal of growths on lips and gums
  • Treatment of cold sores / herpes simplex
  • Reduced pain and healing period
  • Removal of blue spots from lips
  • Prevents occurrences of nausea

The benefits of laser treatment

    The laser can remove cavities without the instrument coming into physical contact with the tooth leading to less painful treatment and the elimination of discomfort caused by metal grinding against one’s teeth.Laser treatment can reduce the need for removal of healthy teeth.

  • A laser treated tooth surface is better suited to accomodate modern tooth filling materials. The treatment removes dust left by the drill leading to an even better fit between tooth and filling.
  • Laser treatment is often less stressful and quicker and reduces the need for anaesthesia.
  • Healing is often quicker after the treatment and leaves fewer scars.

The equipment we use

We use the Fotona Lightwalker.

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