Tooth extraction

Tooth extraction

Tooth extraction is necessary when the tooth is beyond repair or if you do not wish to keep it owing to the cost of repairing it. We always recommend keeping your natural teeth even though we have treatments for replacing missing teeth. Tooth extraction should always be a last resort.

Painless tooth extraction

We aim to perform tooth extraction painlessly. The tooth is anaesthetized with local anaestetic and gently removed. You will not feel any cutting sensation, but you may experience pressure in the area where the tooth is located. If the tooth is especially well seated, we will sometimes have to split it or remove a bit of bone to get it out. This is called surgical removal.

Laser extraction

When removing bone it can be advantageous to use a laser to loosen the tooth. Laser extraction of bones often entails a reduced amount of pain and swelling after the treatment compared to conventional removal of bone by drilling.

The energy in the laser beam “blasts” away bone and you avoid the vibrations and noise associated with the usage of large drill bits. Using laser we can often reduce the need for open surgery, which makes the healing process shorter and less painful. The stabilization of the blood coagulate with the Nd-YAG laser also serves to lessen the bleeding after the treatment.

Cost and complications

Most teeth are easy to remove, but sometimes they may be a bit harder to extract. This is especially true for wisdom teeth, root canal treated teeth and broken teeth. This necessitates surgical removal.

Surgical removal entails splitting the tooth and removing bone in the immediate area before extraction. Because of the difficulty of estimating time use in these cases, we often reserve extra time to ensure that the anaesthetic gets ample time to work. This also ensures that we have time to treat any complications, should they arise.

An uncomplicated extration is priced from around NOK 1 300,- for 1 tooth. If we remove additional teeth during the same appointment, the cost for the following teeth will be lessened.

Surgical removal is more complicated and is more time consuming, but some of the cost will be covered. This means that you will have to pay a deductible at about NOK 1 500,-. Helfo covers the rest. To get an exact estimate, please book a consultation.

In the upper jaw area, fractures can occur in the bone surrounding the tooth. This may lead to a hole between the oral cavity and the sinuses. In the lower jaw the most prevalent complication is infections in the area where the tooth was extracted from. Because the wisdom tooth in the lower jaw can be located close to the nerve canals, there is a danger of hurting the nerves in the lower jaw. This may lead to a reduction in sensation in the lower lip and tongue. Sensation usually returns within a few months.

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