Tooth whitening

Tooth whitening

Tooth whitening is performed with use of carbamide peroxide. We offer both home whitening and whitening at the dental office.

Home whitening or at the office

For home whitening we make vacuum pressed plastic trays that you apply for three hours, either at night or during the day. For optimal results we recommend using the home whitening kit for several days to 2 weeks, depending on desired results.

Whitening at our office normally takes about an hour. We use a whitening solution with a far stronger concentration. The effect of whitening lamps is highly debated and undocumented. We do not use whitening lamps during our treatment.

Effect of tooth whitening

It is impossible to predict the results of the tooth whitening treatment. The results depend on the original colour, malformations or damages to the enamel. Fillings and other restorations can also impact the results.

The results of home whitening also depends on your dental hygiene. Proper use of dental floss and brushing is essential. We therefore require an examination of your teeth prior to a tooth whitening treatment. Any cavities or inflammations also need to be treated before proceeding with tooth whitening.

Duration of effect

How long your teeth maintains their new shine depends largely on your dental hygiene and habits concerning foodstuffs that cause discolouration. The teeth will normally remain white for several years after a successful treatment. If you choose home whitening you can also repeat the treatment if you wish.

Re-whitening should not be done without consulting your dentist. Whitening will often entail some amount of discomfort in the form om twinges and increased sensitivity.

Whitening done incorrectly can lead to serious damages to the teeth, therefore whitening should not be conducted by persons without knowledge of the safe implementation of the whitening treatment.

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